IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2016 Post-Tour, Hua Hin

Date: 30th September-2nd October 2016

Hua Hin is situated on the west shore of the Gulf of Thailand. Merely a couple of hours away from the capitol, the golden beach awaits you there. Known as Thailand’s beloved resort town for almost a century, Hua Hin offers luxuriousness in a perfect harmony with local lifestyle. The town houses numerous MICE hotels and attractions including world-class accommodations, grandeur convention centre and high-profile restaurants operated by leading chefs. You can even take a 25-minute flight directly to Hua Hin airport. This beach town truly has it all.

Legends of Yesterday


Almost a century ago, there was a newlywed couple who had their romantic and dreamlike honeymoon on the golden beach of Hua Hin, a serene resort town on the west shore of the Gulf of Thailand. That legendary couple is now the longest reigning monarch of the world and his graceful queen, our beloved King and Queen of Thailand.


Hua Hin has been Thailand’s favourite beach resort for decades. During the 50’s, this town were known as the Riviera of Siam. Famous Thai novels, films, and fashion magazines have made this tropical paradise a dream destination and it eventually became the most luxurious weekend hideaway long before any other beaches in the kingdom.


‘Legends of Yesterday’ brings you back to the golden age of Hua Hin. Take a trip back in time and enjoy all the oldies-but-goodies memories. Be free to rediscover your forgotten childhood or days or youth, and fall in love with Hua Hin the same way Thai people and our precious King and Queen have.

Programme - Day 1 (30th Sep)

  Time Programme  
  08:00 Meeting at Hotel  
  Travel to Hua Hin by VIP Van (3hrs. ride)  
  Enjoy lunch at Pla Too restaurant  
  Take part in the Green SIEP Project with Royal Gracious Kindness at The Sirinhorn International Environmental Park    
  Visit Maruekhathaiyawan Palace   
  Travel to Marriott Resort and Spa or a 5-star equivalent for check-in  
  Leisure time until dinner  
  Meet and set off for Plearnwan  
  A Welcome Dinner awaits at Plearnwan  
  Indulge in shopping at Hua Hin Night Market (optional)  
  21:00 Travel back to the hotel  

Pla Too Restaurant


You will be spoiled by a wide selection of food including fresh seafood, traditional Thai dishes, European dishes, European dishes, cocktails, and various kinds of drinks. The restaurant uses local materials like "Pla Too" ( a kind of mackerel) to create hundreds of very tasteful dishes.

The Project of Green SIEP with Royal Gracious Kindness at The Sirindhorn International Environmental Park (SIEP)


Aimed at like-minded conservationists, this project's goal is to maintain the natural balance by growing and taking care of plants completely. It also assures that the young plants grown today will be reached their full potential and support the environment and natural ecosystem sustainably, in addition to reducing global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide.


In addition, SIEP also promotes the valuable eco-tourism and history of Thailand and the world by advocating being environmentally friendly and harmonizing values of natural resources and environment. The Tour will showcase “Ecotourism” by learning about the ecosystem in the Princess Sirindhorn mangrove, beach forest, land forest and other zones in the Park.

Maruekhathaiyawan Palace 


A place of valuable historical and architectural heritage - the Palace was built from golden teakwood and is situated on beach surroundings within a shady and peaceful environment. It is suitable for utter relaxation with nature. Visitors can inhale fresh air for a fortifying energy recharge. 

Check in Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa


Escape to the beach, and discover a luxury hotel that will exceed your every expectation. It is a world away with its tranquil atmosphere, gorgeously designed guest rooms feature modern amenities, plush bedding, and outstanding views. An array of onsite dining options ensures that your appetite is always satisfied during your visit. Along with five different swimming pools within the hotel grounds, you can enjoy the Hua Hin sunshine while lounging to your heart's content. This resort spa offers the ultimate in luxury relaxation. 

Plearn Wan


A recreation of the old-fashioned shophouses that once occupied the Thai-Chinese neighbourhoods of Bangkok and Hua Hin. There is a pharmacy selling roots, powders and other concoctions that Thai grandmothers once used, as well as music and clothes stores. You will feel transported back in time as you enjoy and learn some of the history of Hua Hin as well as Thailand.  

Thai carnival games and Thai local snack

Dinner at Plearn Wan, Hua Hin's favourites street food and enjoy the retro party.

Dress code: Kindly come outfitted with the 1950s accessories we will provide as a Welcome gift.

Hua Hin Night Market

Community arts and crafts groups, home to Hua Hin’s OTOP


One Tambon One Product (OTOP) is the government’s effort to promote local products of each district in the kingdom of Thailand. Local communities are encouraged to develop, improve and tandardize its products' quality and commercialize it with the national “OTOP” brand.

Programme - Day 2 (1st Oct)

  Time Programme  
    Breakfast at hotel  

Take part in a Hua Hin City Tour Challenge organised by Tuk Tuk

  Enjoy lunch at COCO51  
  Back to the hotel, leisure time until dinner  
  18:00 Enjoy a beachfront dinner at the hotel restaurant, Chilled at Paradise  

Sightseeing around Hua Hin by Tuk Tuk

Hua Hin Railway Station

The Hua Hin Railway Station is one of the country’s most beautiful train stations marked by its meticulous details in architecture.

The Icy Beans

A good place to sip drinks and enjoy a meal. As you will notice from the menu and food, beans are served in almost all dishes; beverages and desserts are no exception.

The Train Library

An obsolete Japanese railway carriage was transformed into a knowledgeable space for bookworms with more than 2,000 books available to read.


The first beachfront community mall in Hua Hin with premium leasing space.

Please note: 

As the weather will be warm, please wear light and comfortable attire, and perhaps a change of clothes for your comfort. In the event of rain, umbrellas and raincoats will be provided.


A popular seaside restaurant serving Thai and European cuisine


Furnished like a hotel and surrounded by greenery, the Thai and European cuisine, Coco 51, dresses its frontal space with fountain holding lights emitted onto the coconut trees, and has spotlights casted into the sea, creating a beautiful visible scene. The popular dishes include seven-color shrimp and fried mince shrimp salad, following with its mouth-watering dessert like banana fritter - fried banana served with frosty ice cream. This place is chic enough for those who like to enjoy their dinner in a romantic and memorable way.

Chilled Like Paradise, Beachfront dining at Hua Hin Marriott 


Experience the delights of authentic Thai cuisines in all its variety, tastes, and traditions in this open-air beachfront with a stunningly picturesque view.

Programme - Day 3 (2 nd Oct)

  Time Programme  
  Breakfast at hotel  
  09:00 Check out, meeet at the lobby and head to Hyatt Regency Hua Hin  

Luxuriate in a 60-minute Thai traditional massage 


Travel to restaurant

  Enjoy lunch at You Yen Garden restaurant   
  15:00 Travel back to Bangkok  

Thai Massage at Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

Soothe yourself, and get your body in a relaxed state with a specialized Thai massage session.

You Yen Garden Restaurant


Fronting the sea and surrounded by a landscaped garden, this seafood restaurant gives you a glimpse into the Hua Hin of yesteryear. The menu focuses on regional Thai dishes, with a selection of traditional snacks as well as fiery tom yam and Thai salads.

Awards Limousine Service for the winner team

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